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Better, faster and cheaper.

All-in-one cannabis software built for operators, by operators.

Why Choose us?

Here are a few reasons why you should run your shop on Tendy.


Bring SEO benefits to your embedded e-commerce menu so that your menu actually shows up in search results, bringing new web traffic and customers to your shop.

Built-in support for every order type including in-store pickup, curbside pickup, delivery and kiosk.
Update lot specific information, manage inventory and run sales and promotions from a single dashboard - no 'seamless integrations' required.
Customize your online store with banners, brand colours and more!


View and download custom inventory coverage and reorder reports based on time-period and sales velocity to make informed buying decisions and drive inventory turnover.

Custom Purchase Order Uploads with smart detection for new products or lots
Create custom sub-categories and hot filters then bulk assign products with the click of a button
Track lot specific THC, CBD and terpenes and auto-update across all devices and platforms
Track and solve discrepancies with the click of a button using inventory adjustments, blind audits and more


Drive customer retention and increase cart size with customized loyalty and rewards program, all from a single dashboard.

Earn and redeem on select purchases.
Actionable items for point rewards.
Complete milestones and unlock custom, gamified badges.
View progress, badges and rewards via customer profile.


Track key performance indicators, report sales data, download inventory reorder reports, and gain insights into your dispensary's performance.  

Track and view performance trends with a visual dashboard that empowers staff to make better business decisions real-time data analytics.
Customize reports using any combination of data across any time-period to help identify sales trends, product mix, growth trends and company performance.
View and generate custom sales reports in real-time and schedule automated End of Day Sales Reports.


Seamlessly manage and process payments with a integrated, all-in-one payment solution powered by Clover Network.

Fixed rate plan.
Industry-leading rates.
Cool, best-in-class hardware that allows cards to tap the first time...

Happy Customers

Don't take our word for it. See what shops are saying about us.

“Tendy's all-in-one platform makes it easy to manage the shop and stay on top of all the little details like lot specific THC and terps. From built-in compliance to dishing out loyalty points, it literally does everything you need for an awesome price!”
“With a single dashboard that manages all your retail needs in one place, Tendy has allowed us to maintain our attention to detail while freeing up time to focus on other areas of the business like customer service. Honestly, such a smooth product and one-stop shop.”
“We're saving over $1,000 a month between subscriptions and payment fees since joining Tendy. And the best part is we haven't skipped a beat from a service offering perspective - we can do everything we were doing before but way more easily.”

What We Do?

Built by operators, for operators, we understand the needs and nuances of cannabis retail and provide best in class solutions to ease daily headaches.

Tendy helps your shop stand out by providing a best-in-class, all-in-one product that allows for efficient, high-touch customer service.

Learn More

Competitive Pricing Intelligence

Tired of pouring over competitors online menu to determine their pricing? Don't worry, we do that for you and even give you a heads up when someone runs a sale or drops their price.

eCommerce & Subdomain SEO

Proven eCommerce platform with custom shop specific subdomains to help drive SEO. Customers can view their profiles, loyalty points, rewards and more, right from your Tendy eCommerce platform.


Cut down on in-store line ups with a mobile shopping cart that budtenders can interact with and takeover from their POS tablet.

Inventory Coverage & Reorder Reports

Get your reordering down to a science with customized reports that tell you what and how you should be buying, and what you should be discounting.

Community Sharing

Cut down on data entry by sharing lot specific details with fellow Tendy community members.

Loyalty & Rewards

Create long lasting customer relationships with a loyalty program that features custom tiered rewards, achievement badges, actionable items, and more.

What Makes Us Different?


We're passionate about cannabis and have been involved in the industry since the early days.


"Cannabis" software providers have gotten away with charging a premium for too long... We're here to challenge the norm.


We understand the daily challenges of cannabis retail and built this solution to meet your needs.


We will constantly strive to offer responsive, innovative solutions to the ever-changing cannabis landscape.